#TBT to San Francisco

Today I managed to wake up an hour early! Hurray! And I am finally, completely in the new hour. Or rather, my brain is, because my eyes cannot see anything ahead, they are so tired. Yesterday I was so excited about the start of tomorrow’s… Read More »#TBT to San Francisco

Hello Paris

Paris is exhausting. And I could finish the post like that. However it also has some good things. We were, I was in particular, looking extremelly forward to this trip. After I had an amazing time in Lisbon in september, I thought that Paris would… Read More »Hello Paris

The Journey Begins

  Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton When you look back at photos in your facebook page, in certain dates, you cannot avoid thinking about the times that you were going through and the challenges you faced.  Last… Read More »The Journey Begins

5 of September 2015 at 5pm

Location: Tivoli Victoria Vilamoura, Portugal (Now Anantara, Vilamoura) Wedding Planner: Teresa Paula Experience: Fairy Tale * More photos coming soon.


COS x HAY I have a huge to-do list concerning the renovation of our summerhouse and a whole new concept for the decoration of it its on my mind a lot. So, I’ve been checking out stores, online stores and seeking inspiration from a numerous… Read More »COS x HAY