New Beginnings

I hope everyone is having a great start of the new year. We certainly are. Of course we have ‘those’ days but nothing we can’t fix with loads of kisses and hugs. Mikkel is starting at the nursery next monday. I’ve been dreading that monday… Read More »New Beginnings

21 Rue Gambon, Paris

Our trip to Paris is nearly coming to an end. Tomorrow we head back to our cosy big-little city of Copenhagen. It has been an intense trip. Paris can be intense, and with a baby even more so. We were planning on staying in today… Read More »21 Rue Gambon, Paris

The best of 2018

2018 was a crazy year to say the least. With all its ups and downs. Its sad and happy days. The pain tears vs. tears of joy. All of it, I would redo it all again. Not the pregnancy though. Damn I had a tough… Read More »The best of 2018

Must-have in my closet

After i organized my closet since the great “depression” – check my post here – the color palette has drastically been reduced. I like to curate my wardrobe and go for quality pieces that both are timeless and interesting to look at. In my wardrobe… Read More »Must-have in my closet


The days – weather – here in Copenhagen have been a little up and down. Yesterday we were working on advertising in the city and it was hot as hell, and today the same, although I spent most of the time at the office, when… Read More »PRETTY IN PASTEL


Hi everyone, I hope the sun is shinning where you are, ’cause here the sun is giving it all. The office is where I spend 10 hours pretty much everyday – except sunday – and I’ve gotten used to a type of outfit. The transition… Read More »COME WITH ME TO WORK