These 10 Zero Waste Swaps will save you money

You have decided to live more sustainably and make zero waste swaps, yay!

Living more mindfully not only helps our dear nature but it also saves us money.

The traditional and current way of living of using and discarding stuff has created a huge problem and being mindful of that is the greatest step that you can ever make.

I have been an avid fan of helping our planet by living more mindfully and that means reducing the waste I make.

Much of the waste we produce everyday is either incinerated (big problem for the atmosphere) or ends up on a landfill.

The garbage that ends up on the landfill everyday around the world is composed of bio waste, plastic and metal.

Plastic and metal will take hundreds and thousands of years to fully disintegrate and biologic garbage (food waste) release methane gases (toxic) into the atmosphere. These gases are later released through the rain that waters our plants, aka our food.

Much of the plastic that we buy in our grocery shopping is not recyclable and is therefore disposed of.

As a consequence, every year around 8-12 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans.

And you know what happens after.

Shopping mindfully and avoid throwing away food helps big time.

To shop more mindfully means shopping without unnecessary waste. Buying your fruits and veggies locally in a market and taking your own bags is a great start.

But you want to know in depth how you will be able to save money, right?

Well like I was trying to explain just above, shopping mindfully will save you money, but I will talk about that in another post.

These Zero Waste Swaps will save you money every month and every year.

Would you like to go on that roadtrip along the coast with your friends? You can use this saved up money for that. Just don’t forget to bring your reusables. 🙂

Zero Waste Swaps

So, let’s start with the list you have been waiting for the zero waste swaps:

Cotton rounds (to remove make-up)

These disposable cotton round can we swapped with reusable make up removers, normally made of organic cotton or terry. They are washable by hand or even in the washing machine. Use them and re-use them, over and over again.

Toilet paper

Yes, we can save a bunch of money on toilet paper. Toilet paper comes from wood and wood comes from trees. If the trees are not grown sustainably (which they almost never are) and cut down, that leads to deforestation. Well, then you know the rest.

By swapping with a portable bidet, not only you save on money, on paper, but you can also help the environment, we need those trees to tackle global warming and well to breath.

Kitchen paper towels

Swap with reusable kitchen rags/towels. There is even this smart reusable kitchen roll where you can wash again and again each individual towel.


I love using fabric napkins. There is no waste and you can always re-wash them and they look beautiful on a table setting.

Sanitary pads

I have just received mine from The Zero Waste Shop. I wasn’t able to find them in the only zero waste store I know in Copenhagen and I am not too fond of the cup, to be totally honest with you.

Sanitary pads are you know a total waste, they are so expensive and even though companies like LIDL made sanitary pads and tampons free for women, I think giving away reusable pads could be a better option. But cool anyway with the initiative.


If you are familiar with tampons and you haven’t had babies :/, then the period cup is totally for you.

It is made of silicone, therefore resistant, and it helps women around the world with retaining the flow safely (aka without drips and accidents). It is easy to wash and re-usable.

Cotton swabs

I did try the bamboo and organic q-tips a few times, but it is just waste and sometimes my husband likes to throw them in the toilet and to fix either issue, THE SWAB is the best solution ever invented.

You use it, clean it and put it away in his little box. Need to travel? Take it with you instead of a whole box of q-tips.

Plastic bags

Here in Denmark, they have started to charge money a while ago for bags in the supermarkets and some stores.

They do give you the option for buying a reusable bag made of recycled plastic and they are super resistant.

Fancy a more eco-friendly option? Check out these organic cotton totes. They look cool and can even be used as an everyday carrier bag.

Disposable facemasks

How many facemasks have we used a couple of times in this pandemic? And then thrown them out?

You can definitely invest in a organic cotton facemask that can take a filter for extra protection.


They are made of plastic and after using them for a while they just either rust or stop doing their job. So, we throw them out. There are a few options in the market and they are called Safety Razors.

It actually took me quite a while to invest in one, because it is an investment and because I was afraid to cut myself with it.

After a few tries I love it. It takes quite a few scrubs in the same place to remove the hairs successfully but it:

  1. Doesn’t burn post-shaving after passing so many times on the same spot.
  2. Doesn’t cut your skin

The only downside is: it takes longer than a normal razor, so do not be in a rush to shave on that day.

Maybe “The Leaf” is better? Have you tried it?

And actually, the list goes on and on.

These zero waste swaps will save you money and they will be something that you will love. It may look like an investment for some of the products, but in the long run, you will notice the difference in your wallet.

I love Zero Wasting as I love to save me some money and to help with my share with our environment.

Our stay here is so short that I cannot understand why it has to be so damaging for our planet.

Have you tried making zero waste swaps, which have you done?

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