10 tips from highly productive mom entrepeneurs

This is a question in which I have asking myself a lot these past few years. How do women that are moms and are successful entrepreneurs, actually make it work?

I’ve read a few testimonials where moms have said that having a fulfilling family life and a successful career is hard, let alone having your own business.

Even so, moms make it work and wonderfully well.

In this post I will guide you through 10 tips given by entrepreneurial women who are moms and that have found ways to make it work without burning out.

* These tips are for moms who work from home.

1. Have your me-time before the house wakes up

This alone time helps you focus on what you need done during the day.

As a mom myself, I know that once the baby is up, all attention should be on him, and whatever I needed done, becomes secondary.

So, having your beauty routine, squeezing a workout, go for a run, meditate, or even go through your plan, are just things that we can do, uninterrupted.

2. Plan your schedule one week in advance

One thing that I learned the hard way, was that a project without planning, was like running in the dark.

Having your bearings together, your life planned on your phone or your computer, makes the project go easier.

Knowing what you need done throughout the week will spare you on “dead time” aka procrastination.

Procrastination is the enemy of productivity.

I cannot tell you how many times, I “wondered off” of what I needed done, because the plan wasn’t there. I didn’t have a strict plan I needed to follow and that made it so much harder.

So, having a plan right from the start of the week is a great beginning for you and your business. If you know what to do, things will run smoother.

3. Live by your to-do lists

Writing your goals down is a great start, however you will need to divide your goals on a daily basis.

It will overwhelm just by looking at that weekly list and it might even de-motivate you, so go ahead and split those wonderful goals throughout the days.

Micro-tasking instead of macro is a more efficient way to run through your daily goals and checking them one by one.

Remember to have a realistic time table. Nothing will ever be done on one single day, so be careful with how much you put on your plate.

4. Make your little nook for uber focus

Do you have a guest bedroom, or any other place you aren’t using?

Great. Use it and make it super cozy and exciting to be at.

Having your own spot where you have a blank wall with a few of your things you need to focus on, is an absolute must.

If you want things to work out, of course.

Staying in the middle of the “fun” will distract you every 5 minutes, so it’s imperative that you “excuse yourself out”.

5. Let it go

And that means stop worrying about the laundry or the kitchen to c….

No, sorry, I can’t even advise you that. My OCD is cringing…

So, hum “let it go”, I gotta refute on this one.

I mean, tidy home. Tidy mind. Way more productive.

If I ever want anything done properly, I need to clean some of the chaos around me, and that means doing laundry, tidy the kitchen up after cooking, etc.

Tidying up after my toddler, only after he goes to bed, but yeah I let go of those things that I know won’t bother me too much.

So, do let go by all means, if you have a deadline, but don’t let it pile up, as you will end up using hours cleaning up.

And we ain’t got that kind of time!

6. Pre-cook your meals

Cooking your meals beforehand saves you time and spares you headaches

There is nothing worst than having deadlines and having to spend an hour cooking. Not only will you end up stressing over having to cook, but it will also affect your family.

They do understand that momma needs to work, but they also need harmony at home.

I know, this is not the fifties and the boyfriend or husband can help out but what if your partner is as busy as you are?

There are also alternatives for home cooked meals. There are food based businesses where they deliver food ready for you to pop in the oven. You save time, you save money (buy food waste) and you will enjoy a wonderful healthy meal with your family.

7. Be present

Be there for them whenever they need you

Believe me, I feel you. Sometimes we just want to write another email or take that very important phone call, but spending time with your little ones will not be a waste of your time. On the contrary, it will de-stress you.

Of course, momma needs to tend to your baby’s needs. Feed them, change them, give them a bath, interact with them, but we know how much we need to have done, so sometimes we might just let pass another minute.

Not only will you feel bad about that, because you know, mom guilt, but they will be coming to you every 5 minutes.

So, try instead to establish a routine, and stick to a timetable, where you know that at x time, y things need to be done. And do take time out. You need it and they need you.

8. Multitask

Do what every woman is best at. Multitask your way out.

Women are great at it, and that is what makes women such powerful assets in companies, and if you’re a mom, you’ve been gifted with the power of being very productive in little time.

If you really can’t let your guard down for a bit and you have a big deadline coming up, multitask.

9. Avoid procrastination

And I mean it. Stop scrolling on your phone.

Set times to check your social media, unless of course that is apart of your job, but just remind yourself why you’re there.

I cannot count the times that I spent more than 5 minutes checking Instagram or Tik Tok. Oh Tik Tok, don’t you get me started on that evil “new” platform. Why do they make things so addictive?

Anyway, see? Procrastination.

The sole enemy of getting anything done.

Getting distracted with things you shouldn’t, takes you out of your zone, and you getting out of your zone, while working from home, with kids around you is not an escape, it’s a waste of your time.

So, set a time to when you need to speak to your family, friends or check out my instagram account đŸ™‚ and do that within that time frame.

10. Remind yourself everyday of your goals

Just remember why you started!

It’s your dream to be a sucessful woman, by all means, just by being a mom you are sucessful, but if you want to get your business idea going, go for it.

And remind you everyday, on the good and in the bad times (because they will come) why you’re doing what you’re doing.

We all have our personal reasons, may that be economic, self accomplishment or just something you’re really eager to do.

But just remember to enjoy the little moments in the journey of a mompreneur. And hey, have fun.

Um beijo x

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