The beige trench coat | & life update

The beige trench coat | & life update

Yes, I could start with “how a trench coat” changes someone’s life perspective or check out the beige trench coat I just got.

But, unfortunately and if you don’t know me already, this is going to be a personal post, just to stir up things a bit on the “english side” over here.

This post should have been out last week, but life, happened.

This day was a holiday like the other 50,000 holidays in Denmark in May, and I thoroughly enjoyed a family day on the street. As we haven’t done in a long time.

We went out to lunch for the first time, and I ran up the street after my little boy towards Lagkagehuset.

Well, he is in fact my son. He knows what’s yummy.

We went into Lagkagehuset and between “wait a minute, wait outside because there can only be only 4 people at a time” and the “I would like an oat latte and a cinnamon roll, please”, we tried to look as civic as possible , failing badly.

Not to mention entering and exiting each time my lo decided to flee inside. How are you going to explain a 2 year old toddler the new “normal” life? You can’t, can you?

Afterwards, we went for a walk. My husband tried to challenge our Yoyo’s incredibly sturdy wheels on the cobblestones of 1326 and we decided not to move forward and tempt fate, or the damn cobblestones.

We went for a lovely walk and enjoyed the surroundings, and hey the sunshine too, who decided to say hi a few times.

We went for a drive and Mikkel slept in the car, which was lovely.

However, these days and nights, the reason for my absence, literally everywhere, has been my inability to cope with my son’s crazy night routine. It has been exhausting.

My boy has been falling asleep around 10:30 or a quarter to twelve every evening (or night), no matter what we do.

Every time I would try and tuck him goodnight it would last a really long time, and I would just give up in the process or he would flee out of the room.

He does wake up early.

Around 7:30 or a quarter to 8 he is getting out of bed or waking me up with a kiss. But then his nap, which used to be at 11 AM, has been extended until 1, sometimes 2, or 3 even and then he would have a really long nap, if not awoken.

Like, you know the feeling of not having time for us, has been a bit complicated, sanity wise.

But miraculously, something good happen. He fell asleep at 8:30 in the evening, hence you seeing me around here 🙂

And to finish the most TMI post you’ve probably read here, guess who is loving beiges and her new (and only) trench coat?

This one is from Mango, and price and quality wise was a great purchase. The only thing that I’m not very fond of is the length, but that can be fixed with changing the seam.

I loved it so much that I was wearing it while many were wearing t-shirts, but hey it was 18 degrees celsius, not exactly beach worthy yet, know what I mean people?

Anyway, have a great one!

Um beijo x


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