What to wear to the office: 3 ways to wear the black blazer

If I like something, I wear it. Period. So, hence me giving you a few ideas for office outfits wearing an oversize black blazer.

In my journey of building the right timeless wardrobe, aka my capsule wardrobe, I’m focusing in pieces which are A: Classic and B: Durable.

There are so many benefits in focusing in building a closet in which we will always find something to wear, that will not get out of style, and wait for it, where you will look “badass” every-single-time.

That is most definitely my own personal look.

The kick ass kind, as I like to give a message that I look strong and independent and maybe sometimes intimidating (but deep down I’m nothing but a marshmallow – shhh don’t tell anyone).

It’s so important to “look the part” and in our blog (because it is not mine, it is ours) I want to empower you, even more! I would like to inspire you to make those decisions you have been thinking for so long, but were never sure.

Have you ever given any thought about why this place is called EAT LOVE INSPIRE?

It is not about the basic things in life.

It is not because I eat food (lol) or because I love my family and friends, or to inspire you to purchase meaningless things.

It’s actually the other way around. This blog is about YOU and no one else. My tips and my experiences are here to guide you for YOU to:




This is what this blog is all about. To find our best selves, to improve our looks and do the best we can every-single-day-of-our-lives.

Does doing the best in our lives start with a good outfit? I mean, for some people, not really, but if you feel like clothes could empower you even more, well, that’s what today’s post is all about my dear!

I want to assure myself that next time you step in your office, you will look look like a kick ass power woman!

That is what I’m here for.

So, what it is the must-have in our closet?

The good ol’ black blazer.

It’s in trend and it will be in trend the following decades to come. Unless somebody decides wearing silver jumpsuits or self mending or self cleaning clothes in the future.

But in our living time, the black blazer is and will be in every power woman’s closet.

I am not afraid of wearing the same thing over and over again, that’s why I thought about outfits which would include the black blazer and a few items that we would most likely choose to wear.

The items would be (for example)

  1. One pair of thick leggings or flared black jeans
  2. One pair of jeans
  3. A dress or a skirt

You can easily switch these items around, to create other outfits. That is what the capsule closet is all about. It is timeless, it is classy and it takes the pressure off our environment.

So, how exactly did I style these items with a black blazer?

Scroll down to find out.


In this outfit

ZARA Black Oversize Blazer, ZARA Strong shoulders white Top, Black slit ribbed leggings, Mango Sandals, HM Recycled Earrings


In this outfit

ZARA Black Oversize Blazer, ZARA Short Sleeve Crepe Dress, ZARA Mules, HM Recycled Earrings


In this outfit

ZARA Black Oversize Blazer, Samsøe & Samsøe Organic Cotton white tee, Second hand Tôteme Jeans, Mango Sandals, HM Recycled Earrings

I hope that you liked my suggestions for office outfits and my tips for items for your capsule wardrobe 🙂 If you did which one was your most favorite? I would love to hear from you my darling.

Um beijo x

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