My 31 days challenge health and fitness

My 31 days challenge health and fitness
31 days challenge health and fitness

I’m starting my 31 days challenge of health and fitness today! Why?

Well, if I survived 31 days creating content for my blog and my youtube channel, I feel like I can increase the bar level.

During last week, I tried to write one blog post every single day but I didn’t create content the same way that I did for four weeks, just two weeks ago. I felt like, why not?

Well, for one, I felt really tired.

Last week, I woke up between eight-thirty or nine-thirty. My toddler would just get up and leave the room and my husband would let me sleep longer. That small difference of one and a half hour, actually made a big change in my life.

So, I felt like sleeping longer was the problem for not feeling like myself.

I started to set my alarm again and start the day earlier. I then, began feeling more energetic, clearer in my head and more motivated.

My 31 days challenge health and fitness

Small steps lead to big changes.

Like they say, don’t set yourself big goals at a time, instead, try to set small goals every day. On that note, I would love to improve my mood, my health and hopefully my body for the next 31 days.

I’m not the healthiest of people nor workout makes a big part of my life. You can call it what you want but I sometimes feel that working out is sometimes a waste of my time. My problem is that I want to achieve so much in a day, along with taking care of my little one, that I’m scared that I will feel burned out.

But, I’m giving it a try, you’ll never know right?

The first step I took, was to wake up early in the morning.

Experts say that waking up early, after of course, a decent amount of sleep, actually contributes to A. Get you in a better mood (great) and B. Maintain your weight. The thing is, is that sleeping poorly ,actually is a major risk factor for gain weight and increasing your appetite.

Waking up earlier in the morning, is actually the starting point for what I really want to achieve, besides get in a better mood, feel healthier and get fit.

So, this 31 day challenge in Health and Fitness goes like this:

1- Sleep better, wake up early

2- Drink more water

3- Drink less coffee (help)

4- Eat cleaner

5- Move more during the day

6- Exercise 30 minutes daily

And I think that’s it.

The first step to make decisions from better choices is I think the first step. I’ll try and share it with you my journey as if you’re like me, you would like to hear first hand testimony of whether it changes anything or not.

My diet is also something I need to change a lot. I do the ketogenic diet sometimes but I feel like every time I eat carbs (in the shape of bread, fruit or about anything carb heavy) I gain back the weight. I think that, that is not sustainable at all.

Doing keto is not easy.

It requires so much determination, that most of times I only do about one to two weeks and then when I just fall into carbs again, I gain back the weight.

So, no Keto.

I do have an application called Lifesum, which is I think, pretty decent. The times that I used it and logged my food in, knowing how many calories I ate, I lost weight. So, if it ain’t broken, why fix it? Or ignore it?

So, I entered my goals today again and the app advised me the clean eating plan, which I think sounds really good. I just cannot think anymore about eating eggs and avocado ever again.

Eating clean is eating whole foods. Instead of eating processed, bagged, packaged or canned foods, eating clean means choosing eating nutritious foods, without previous man handling. So, that’s exciting.

Besides from sleeping well, eating cleaner, I am in the dire need of start moving. And well, I just need to start exercising.

My 31 days challenge health and fitness

So, there is another app for that, this time recommended by my friend, the Strong and Sxy app. I like the app, but I do need to feel some sweat on my forehead and so I looked into videos on youtube.

And that is it. Today is exactly my first day in my 31 days challenge health and fitness. Yesterday I ate like a moron, and I fell asleep at 9 in the evening. I didn’t even managed to write a post.

Let me know what changes you too are doing to improve things in your life? I would love to hear from you!

Um beijo x


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