Mother’s Day best moments

Mother’s Day best moments
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As I sat down for the fifth time to try and eat breakfast (hello mom’s life), someone knocked at the door.

The dogs started barking as they always do, and I shouted “quiet”. This part tends to be always very frightening to the person waiting outside.

I opened the door to a man holding a bouquet of flowers, in an Interflora brown paper bag. Inquisitively, I looked at the man and said “thank you”, not having a clue of what was happening.

I came with the bag inside and from it I took a beautiful flower bouquet in eucalyptus green and light pink flowers. They smelled fresh and delightful.

I looked inside and there was no apparent note, but I hailed a bottle of Pinot Blanc. So, I said: “Whoever sent this knows I like white wine.” Creepy.

My husband looked upset and I said as a joke: well, I got myself an admirer.” To what he answered: “Just put the flowers in water.”

As I opened the flowers, I saw the card, and inside it, it said:

“To mommy, from Mikkel. I love you more than anything on earth (sorry if I’m naughty sometimes).”

I got teary and said “thank you”.

This was my first Mother’s day gift, and it will be one to remember. However, mothers day has never been a good memory for me.

On mothers day in Portugal, last week, after I read and liked many of my friends posts on Facebook, congratulating their moms, I cried.

I hate pitting myself and I’ve tried to avoid it at all costs, as I grew up. But now that I myself am a mom, I cannot imagine my son’s life without a mother. Specially a mother that would abandon him.

I´m sharing this, after so many, years because…

Even though it’s hard, I thought that someone else could relate.

My mother took me and my sister away when we were little and my father went to pick us up. Unfortunately, my sister was too small, only a few months old and I was out of my diapers, so I was the pick to come back home.

My mother ended up leaving my sister with her own mother and she never looked back. As she never did for all the other daughters that she abandoned.

We are five girls in total and to date, at least for some of us, we don’t really understand her exact reasons.

If you choose to give birth to a little human being, shouldn’t you stick around and see what he or she will become? Don’t you stick around to love that child unconditionally?

Still to date, I cannot understand her reasons, and it breaks even more my heart when she doesn’t even show an ounce of interest for her grandsons and granddaughters.

I think it’s really sad to live her life. I wouldn’t be able to live mine in peace, if I’m honest with you.

Anyway, this is why Mothers Day is a tricky day for me, but my husband has made a tremendous change this year.

On a more positive note, I spent all day “at home”, just enjoying every little moment with Mikkel. We played with the new play-dough and watched Disney classics and then The Muppets.

We just enjoyed very much ourselves and it was lovely to be there for my boy, with my heart full.

Happy Mothers day everyone!

Um beijo x


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