Back to the office: What to wear this Spring ’20

Slowly and surely a few businesses are opening up and under new social rules, we are going “back to the office”. And so, what will be our office outfits, this Spring 2020?

Now, what I love about an outfit to be used at an office is that, we can play a lot with neutrals, whites and blacks, my favorite palette shades. You can never, ever go wrong with these colors as they are sophisticated and just right to be worn at the place of work.

I chose Zara to make this edition, because Zara.

They have a great offer for work outfits and the quality is 90% good. The missing 10% is when the over lock stitch isn’t properly done or pockets weren’t properly sewn and the piece sometimes ends up ripping apart.

But besides from that, (which in most cases can be mended) their biweekly collections are outstanding, considering pricing.

A blazer, in lighter colors, this Spring should be in every “working girl’s” wish list for office outfits. We can finish the look up with any lighter and neutral pieces with a white, beige or sand colored blazer.

You can also throw a lighter colored blazer over some loose fit black trousers and a black top. It would be optimal to let the blazer “do all the talk” for the outfit.

Midi or maxi dresses are a big trend here in Scandinavia. Specially in Copenhagen, where girls intensely play with bold colors and contrasting prints.

And the final thing, that “slay the day” look? Never gets out of trend.

Um beijo x

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