Zara Kids Spring 2020 Wishlist

Zara Kids Spring 2020 Wishlist

Even though the calendar shows May, the spring here in Denmark, that so awaited season has some difficulty settling down. One day you can have amazing warm (ish) days and the next an unannounced storm. So, it is a bit hard to think about lighter clothing.

However, I am always on the lookout, specially for Mikkel. He is still growing fast and soon I need to start thinking about “hauling” for spring clothes.

Best shops for kids

Zara and HM is where I tend to shop at when it comes to clothing for him. He grows so fast and sometimes ruins a few items that honestly I prefer to not use too much money on expensive designer clothing. Am I alone here?

So, I took a peek into Zara, HM and Lindex and Zara has a few cute pieces that I think Mikkel would look dapper in. The colors are very close to what I’m into as I am a “calm” and light color palette kind of gal when it comes to Mikkel’s clothing.

When he was a baby, people use to think he was a girl all the time. I would put him in light grey, white or beige onesies and that would probably make people think that. I just like the “neutral gender” think as I think girls should not be limited to pink and boys to blue.

Anyway, Zara as the cutest Essentials collection and I thought sharing some of my favorites with you. Aren’t they the cutest?

I love the neutrals, and the warm tones of the melange brick color (which may feel like pink, but that is okay). So, I´m looking forward to warmer days here in Denmark so we can rock these looks. 🙂

Have you started looking into spring clothing for your little one too? Which shops/brands are you looking for?

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