#TBT to San Francisco

Today I managed to wake up an hour early! Hurray! And I am finally, completely in the new hour. Or rather, my brain is, because my eyes cannot see anything ahead, they are so tired.

Yesterday I was so excited about the start of tomorrow’s challenge that I only managed to fall asleep at 1:45 am, when I usually go to sleep at 11:30 pm. I also think it was because I broke one of my rules. Eating candy in a week day. Yes, because in Denmark, we have something called “Lørdagslik” which means in english “saturday candy”, which means you’re forgiven for eating an immense amount of candy.

Putting the sugar rush aside, and wanting to keep myself as healthy as possible, I kept calm today.

I tested all the equipment that I brought yesterday from Copenhagen.

I had to see if my “new” Røde microphone really worked and hallelujah sisters! Finally, we have decent sound for the videos. BECAUSE I’VE ALWAYS had huge technical problems with my videos.

It was either because the camera sucked, or because I put all my hopes on the camera’s own microphone, or because I edited hours of footage on my own phone. The end result was not exactly as I expected. 🙁

Now I hope the videos come out well this time – Crossing my fingers hard.

Anyway, there’s not much time left for the challenge that I will start for myself.

A few more hours and the first post of the challenge #31 days of fashion and beauty, as a token of appreciation for all bloggers and vloggers, will soon come out.

In the meantime I had to review the photos on my phone and what amazing memories that I “relieved” again.

Back in November, I joked that that trip we made to San Francisco would be the last.

At least one so long.

The duration of that trip lasted a whole 12 hours. We flew business class (because we found an amazing deal online if we made a layover in Amsterdam) and because my one year old needed room to sleep, jiggle, jump and whatever.

How did the trip go? Incredibly well. For my boy.

I sat against a sharp edge of the seat I and sat 20 cm away from the screen. For a whole 12 hours. It was just so challenging.

I tried to fall asleep 4500 times. I tried to lie next to him and tried to rest a bit, impossible. I was exhausted by the end of the plane trip and 12 hours later, jet-lagged, waiting at customs in the airport in SF was an utter nightmare.

Luckily, everything worked out better along the trip. It was such a marvelous experience which my little family will never, ever forget.

I miss these days.

Hotel St. Regis San Francisco

Museu de Arte Moderna – MOMA

Fishermann’s Warf (um sitio popular para nos empaturrarmos com uma gamba!

Ponto onde se apanha o electrico para se ir ver a Golden Gate Bridge

A Golden Gate Bridge. Conseguem ver? Nem eu.

Mas o marido estava doente nesse dia e passamos uma hora dentro de um Starbucks agarrados a um chocolate quente. Também foi bom assim.

E continua no próximo post…

Beijos x

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