#31 days of fashion and beauty challenge

Hello loves!

I’ve been thinking and planning for a few weeks now. I was anxiously waiting for almost the end of March to arrive to announce the following: That in a few weeks I will enter a mental hospital.

I shake at the thought. I know firsthand what a blogger’s life is like. Someone who must always be on top of things, and never let things cool down. And it is difficult, believe me it is difficult and I have immense respect for those who do it professionally.

That is why in high consideration to the fantastic people that provides us daily with all kinds of information related to fashion, beauty, motherhood, etc. that I’m going to do this challenge.

This challenge requires me to be super-uber-ultra-organized. That nobody gets sick. Nobody ends up in the hospital, no blizzards (because nowadays, you never know), and that hopefully you can come along with me in this “wild” adventure.

It will be 31 days. Yes, you read it well!

31 days filled with fashion and beauty, with many tears, a lot of sweat, probably some blood but with a lot of great content (or so I hope)

But let’s divide things by numbers, which is how I like it:

This challenge will have:

# 31: days of fashion and beauty

# 22 style and beauty related posts

# 8 videos on Youtube (every Tuesday and Thursday at 12 pm) – Where I will announce a beauty related giveaway in one of them.

# A LIVE video on FB to end the challenge with champagne and announce the winner of the giveaway

# 7489390 people entertained

# 0 days missed

Are you ready for this? Great!

So, the challenge starts on Wednesday, April 1st with the first post # 1 here on the blog.

The first video will appear on Thursday. For the rest, I will post in the posts what will come in the coming days. If you want to join the party, get in touch with me and I’ll send you the #checklist of the challenge šŸ˜ƒ

Let’s goooo!

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