10 ideias for self-care

The most productive people in life are not people who work 24 hours a day, they are people who are very organized and who have a high sense of which tasks have the highest priority.

Priority is very relative. It all depends from person to person. There are the kind of people who puts family first and are only happy if the family is happy.

Then, there are other type of people, who are very goal-oriented, often professional.

Whichever type of person we are, we need time for ourselves. And how can we make the most of that time?

I took the freedom to research and also according to my own experience, I put a list of things that might inspire you:

Turn off notifications on your phone

The notifications on my cell phone ruled my life, interrupting whatever I was doing. Even the vibration or the lighting of my cell phone made me turn my face with interest, thus taking away my concentration on the task I was on.

I ended up turning off both Instagram and Facebook notifications and it was the best thing I did.

Finally, I felt that social media (this new era of social addicts and instant gratification) no longer controlled me. I felt happier and more relaxed.

Sleep more hours

Even at this time when we don’t have to get up at 7 in the morning to hurry up, leave the kids at school and go to work, it is important to maintain a continuous routine, regarding how many hours you actually sleep.

If I wake up at 8:30 for example, I think I overslept and I think that the day has already gone to waste.

I like to wake up early, even on weekends, because that’s the only way I can be productive throughout my day.

The secret to waking up early (obviously) is to go to bed early. The eight hours are perfect for the body to be able to function at 100% and help you have more productive days.

Meditate, practice yoga or exercise

We all know that exercising makes us feel better and happier. It is very important that we take about 15 to 30 minutes aside and do any kind of exercise.

Be it physical (for example dancing a zumba) or mental, like meditating.

Meditating is good for us because, even if we can’t completely disconnect, we can relax. We finally manage to focus and as a positive consequence, we put our ideas into perspective.

Light a candle with your favorite scent

Lighting a candle in the evening, during a delicious dinner and a great glass of wine or water, is an action that seems to be quite simple.

However, try to light one and with your favorite scent and dim the lights. It is a very good way to decompress after a hard day.

Take a bath or a long shower and do “your routine”

We all bathe, but after becoming a mom and having tried the 30-second baths, I started to give a lot of importance to a long – nice – bath.

A bath that lets you sigh in relief at how pleasant you felt during and after.

Make yourself pretty

Us being mostly at home and rarely out, we have an excuse for not to look our best. When we look in the mirror though and we see things we don’t like, it makes us sad and negative.

If we take a little time and put on some makeup or get our hair done, it will help us a lot in our performance, be it professional or social, making us happy and proud of ourselves.

Take a 15-minute walk (several times a day)

Getting some fresh air whilst receiving a fair amount of Vitamin D is an action that we take for granted, but we are often unaware of the good it does to us.

Fresh air helps us to improve blood pressure and strengthens our immune system. It helps us with metabolism and gives us more energy, providing us with a clearer mind, also improving our mood.

Put your favorite music on

Listening to music keeps our brain active in the aging process. Listening to or even playing a musical instrument is great for exercising your brain.

Scientific research shows that listening to music makes us happier, less anxious, can even help in dealing with pain, improves our quality of sleep and our memory.

Eat foods that are very nutritious – avoid excess carbohydrates, particularly sugar

When we eat foods that are more attractive (the most colorful of the food pyramid) puts us in a better mood.

Many people do not understand why they feel so groggy when everything in life goes well for them and have no idea that perhaps a change in their diet could make a huge difference.

Carbohydrates (the bad ones) are very high in calories and they provide a very low nutrition value.

Tidy up the house before you go to bed

The last thing you do is the first thing you notice the next day.

The tidy kitchen, the washed dishes, the vacuumed floor and very important is your tidy and organized office space.

There is a phrase that I often say to myself, as well as to other people which is: don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today.

Tidying up the house before going to bed is a task that I think is very important for my performance the next day.

If I wake up with a messy house, my cortisol level increase and I feel that the time I spend cleaning the house during the day is wasted time.

And here I leave you with a video on IGTV doing something I haven’t managed to in a long time. And it felt amazing.

I enjoyed some self-care

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