10 ideas to be happier during lockdown

Whatever we do, let’s make it new and enjoyable for us to enjoy every moment spent at home

1. Do some self-care

Even if we are home bound, this doesn’t mean that we should neglect ourselves.

Taking care of ourselves, helps us pass the time and will make us feel better. You can take care of yourself on a beauty level, such as trimming your hair, dyeing it, doing your manicure, or get a tan. Taking just an hour for yourself will do you wonders.

If you feel a whirlwind in your mind due to the situation and you want to disconnect, the solution is to meditate. Meditating can also help us to get our ideas in perspective and maybe show us a good epiphany?

Simply explain to your wife / girlfriend / colleague / friend that you need some time for yourself and enjoy.

2- Start something new

In my most humble opinion, quarantine should be a time of change, renewal or even preparation. After a few days, we might end up tired of binge eating and binge watching Netflix. We then start thinking about ourselves and our current mental state.

One thing that can help us pass the time or become an exciting new thing is to start something new.

New, like for example learning a new language or even improving one that we already know. It is to escape literally, like starting a blog, writing a book or even a personal diary. It is taking a course (in your area or in another area that you think has an outlet in this new world).

It is doing manual work (like DIY’s or even something that people might like and buy).

It is becoming a green thumb and plant some veggies or maybe even fruit?

How about starting a side business?

3- Workout

Being “locked in” at home in quarantine or voluntarily for long, indeterminate periods of time, can become boring. If you have a family and children to teach or the house to clean 3500 times a day, you need an escape.

And what is the best escape for us to release anxiety and frustrations? Exercise.

Exercise is an incredible way to fight depression, promoting all kinds of changes in the brain, including neurological growth whilst reducing inflammation. New patterns in the brain activity does promote feelings of calm and well-being.

As you know, the exercise itself releases endorphins, which are powerful chemicals in the brain that energizes your spirit, making you feel good and happy.

Exercise is also a distraction in itself. It helps breaking the cycle of negative thoughts, that may cause depression and pessimism.

4- Throw a digital party

Nowadays, social distancing is the best way of fighting the Corona virus whilst instigating its mitigation. Quarantine or voluntary isolation does not have to be depressing, nor should you feel alone.

We are beginning to feel homesick, both from friends and from our family, and one of the solutions to fight against loneliness and feeling that we are not alone in this is a PARTY!

The fact that we cannot see each other does not mean that we shouldn’t have fun.

Grab your smartphone or your pc, gather all your friends in a Facebook group and invite them to your party.

At X date, at X time, join everyone on Skype or Google Hangouts and “go crazy”. Be it a dinner or a vino party.

Get all your friends together and have a few glasses of wine or beer. And talk it out talk. About everything and nothing is definitely a great idea for a fantastic night.

5- Travel

The start of the year 2020 has shown us so far to be “complicated”.

We have been looking forward to travel since 2019 but unfortunately, at the moment is physically out of the question.

Visiting new countries, new cultures and discovering new landscapes makes a trip invigorating. However, traveling at the moment is difficult, if not impossible.

But fortunately with the advancement of technology, we can “go wherever we want”, all because Google Earth allows you to visit incredible places, all from the confort of your living room.

You can download the application on your pc or even on your smartphone and you can travel to the Wall of China, Bora Bora, Rio de Janeiro and even the Himalayas.

Have a great trip!

6- Organize your life and your home

One of the things that we can dedicate to at the moment, is ourselves. When we were very busy with work, with our social and family lives, we almost didn’t have time to organize ourselves and that could become overwhelming.

We can organize our lives in economic terms, catch up on our accounting or do our budget for the weeks ahead.

If you’re working from home, but at the same time you have to take care of the house and the family, a planner to organize your days would be the best solution.

Plan your life so at the end of the day you don’t feel “burned out”.

In terms of organizing your home, there are many things that have accumulated over the years. Right now is the perfect time de-clutter and to organize. Be it the wardrobe, drawers, pantry, the garage, if you need a clean start, go right ahead.

For your wardrobe, you can do spring cleaning and a brilliant concept to help you is definitely the Kon Mari method, by Marie Kondo.

You can even watch her series on Netflix and learn how to organize your life.

7- “Go to a concert

One of the trends that I have seen lately on Instagram is that singers or bands are performing live for thousands, if not millions of people.

I personally think it’s great, being able to enjoy the music and the vibe collectively with thousands of other people and being able to comment live on the incredible talent of the artists.

If you want to attend these concerts, go to Instagram and write #concert in the posts or check on IGTV. And have fun. It’s just out of this world.

8- Visit a museum

Fortunately with the digital age, it has become possible to visit unbelievable places from the comfort of our sofa.

Nowadays we can “walk” through the Louvre in Paris and admire historic artifacts, even the Mona Lisa. We can walk up the ramp of the Guggennheim and be dazzled by its iconic architecture. We can even “stroll” side by side with the dinosaurs at the Smithsonean museum.

9- Enjoy time with your family

Do you remember when we use to play Monopoly for hours on end?

I miss the times when we used to yell at each other when one would cheat at board or card games.

A great activity to do as a family is to get together at a table, put the popcorn bowl down, open our dusty board games and play just like when we were kids.

It’s a great way to spend time and get to know each other.

You have board games like Monopoly, Cluedo, Chess, Naval Battle and if it’s not ironic enough, you have a game called the Pandemic. I had no idea idea such thing existed and I even think it’s a bit cruel, considering everything, but if you like to play hero and save people, then you should give it a try.

10- Get in the kitchen

Cooking is considered therapeutic and can be used as an effective strategy to combat depression, anxiety and other psychological conditions.

The freedom to be able to express ourselves creatively with food makes us feel that we finally have gained control in our lives.

The task of cooking something for us or for our family / friends is an activation task, which means that it is a task that requires constant practice to achieve goals.

That is, when we cook, we don’t abandon cooking, there is a beginning, a middle and an end. You don’t have to wait long hours or days to finally finish the dish you started. You have to finish the task, that is, to cook a delicious dish.

Even if it is not delicious, it was something you ended up finishing up, and it leaves you with a feeling that you were productive.

Cooking is a perfect example to make us feel more relaxed, as well as feeling fulfilled and happy with ourselves.

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