Activities for toddlers with Carioca Baby

I am quite skeptical about letting my little boy play with coloring pencils, pens or even paints. The reason is because it gets so dirty and so much that it never comes out. I say that because we have a wall here at home with some red stains that I have no idea where they came from. The fingerprints are tiny, so I have a slight suspicion of who they might belong to.

A while back, when Mikkel was a little baby, we had a blast playing with paint. As I had not found anything suitable for his age, I bought edible colors (to put in cakes and desserts) and that went very well. The ink itself came off easily and he was able to put his hands in his mouth as that is typical for a one year old baby. And there was not a problem. The problem was that edible colors for baking comes in rather tiny bottles and they are very expensive. So, we didn’t do that anymore.

With the quarantine, activities with my son began to lose interest right in the first week. We bought a second-hand Brio table, which was an incredible find because a new table like that, with rails and trains can cost around 600E and we paid only 100. It is used, but it’s still good, if not better, because it has a story to tell, and I hope it will continue to have many more after Mikkel becomes a father and he will pass on the table to his son or daughter 😃

However, as much as Mikkel played with trains and danced to the songs “head, shoulders knees and toes” 10 times a day, I thought he was not being stimulated enough as he did in his nursery. As a mother I panic just thinking that he is unhappy or upset for more than 5 minutes (hahaha).

So, the last time I went shopping for groceries at the supermarket, I found a few things. And when I say things, I mean almost an entire area of ​​the kids department. This of being at home and going out for essentials only, when you see toys or decorations you want to bring everything home. At least that happens to me.

Well, like I said, I pillaged the kids department, brought glue to make slime, brought highlighters to better organize myself and I found paint for Mikkel to play with! Yaaaay! I discovered the Carioca line for babies and it’s only ingenious!

I bought paints (what I thought was play dough, apparently I can’t read anymore), coloring pencils with a roll that looks like toilet paper and when you roll it out it has drawings to color and the letters of the alphabet. I also brought pens with a special round tip for children who like to tap hard on the paper.

I only know the brand Carioca from when I was little, but the Baby line I had never seen before. I think it’s fantastic because as a mother I feel much more relaxed knowing that Mikkel is not playing with something toxic.

And of course knowing that when he needs to be cleaned or I need to do the laundry, I am rest assured as I know that everything will come out easily. It´s amazing!


Did you already know the Baby line from Carioca? And did you also know that the brand was Italian? In the times we are in, I think it’ss important to support all companies, whether small or large, as the future of many companies and employees is very uncertain. And Italy really needs us right now.

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