How important is “The Uniform”

With age I have come to a very simple conclusion. If I don’t feel confortable in it, I don’t wear it. That applies to many other aspects in my life. Whether is a relationship, a situation or basically just sn outfit.

To get through the day feeling empowered enough I tend to choose key pieces from my wardrobe. I have lost count of how many black jeans I own, not to mention t-shirts.

I have put dresses on the shelf for now as I am breastfeeding my son (still…) but hopefully I will get on that bandwagon very soon.

So, what’s an uniform?

uni·form |  \ˈyü-nə-ˌfȯrm

1: having always the same form, manner, or degree : not varying or variable uniform procedures

I’ve addopted that in my lifestyle as a few years ago time became an issue. I would need a fashion approach that didn’t consume the time I so much needed. My wardrobe needed to supply me with pieces that I would love every-single-day.

After becoming aware of our/my impact in the world with over comsuption in the fashion industry I decided enough was enough. Spending more that 5 minutes trying on clothes just meant that something was wrong. I had too much to wear and too little that I genuinely liked.

That drove me into a journey towards minimalism. I felt more at ease. I had a wardrobe that was both functional and time appreciative. I hated the feeling of having to go piece of clothing after piece and finding that I wasn’t satisfied with anything. I did an enormous cleanse on my wardrobe and started shopping smartly.

I stopped purchasing pieces that were too seasonal and started focusing on key items. A perfect fitted pair of jeans, a great quality t-shirt/ top, a blazer/jacket that would bring (otherwise simple) the outfit to life.

The uniform is a style choice that many entrepreneurs/business people have adopted. Remember the Steve Jobs famous jeans and turtleneck? He probably had dozens of those hanging in his closet. It saved him much needed time but still gave him confidence enough to go through his day.

I am all for making my life easier in the morning when it comes to making decisions. Life as a mom needs to be as seamless as possible – basically you have no choice 😁

How about you? What’s your go to outfit?

Have a wonderful day.

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