New Beginnings

I hope everyone is having a great start of the new year. We certainly are. Of course we have ‘those’ days but nothing we can’t fix with loads of kisses and hugs.

Mikkel is starting at the nursery next monday. I’ve been dreading that monday for a very long time. We are crazy attached to each other and even though mommy needs to work and get a bit of time for herself and the house I would prefer to have him with me.

However I know for a fact that I do not have the possibility or means to intelectually stimulate my baby and develop his social skills aka sharing and being emphatic with other babies.

I read in a post here about the reservations moms have about putting their babies/infants in nursery institutions. Since when have we become those women? Sure you can stay home with your baby as long as you want as long as you have the means for it. And by means I mean are you able to increase his social skills, are you 100% present? Because mommy working from home taking care of a child is both hard for the mommy and a pity for the infant.

Mikkel asks a lot for stimulation and needs to be close to me. I play with him, talk to him, sing to him and tell him stories. He watches didactic videos on youtube about colors, letters, shapes, the solar system (I know, weird, but the loves planets) while I try and fix a meal or clean the house.

Having to do all that and work? I would get zero things done. Not to mention that we walk a lot outside so he can have nice naps and we go to children parks, play areas in libraries and have him to try and engage and socialize with other children.

I am all for being with my child until he’d go to basic school but mommy before is a mommy is also an individual with disgusting nails and white hairs 🤨 that is in a desperate need of being fixed.

Yes, I sound though and cold but deep down, I am scared. Too scared for this milestone. In one hand I would love to have him stay home for another two years but I know language wise specially that nursery is a very important step for him. Very important actually.

I am portuguese, my husband is danish and we speak 70% of the time in english so Mikkel needs to be around mostly danish speaking people in order to start saying his first words. I love when he asks for water, which in portuguese is “água” which he says “a’ga”! It warms my heart so much!

Anyway. I know it will be good for him and I trust the danish system into taking care of my child. It’s exciting but nerve wrecking too! Looking forward to it, so this weekend needs to be extra special!

Have a wonderful day.

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