21 Rue Gambon, Paris

Our trip to Paris is nearly coming to an end. Tomorrow we head back to our cosy big-little city of Copenhagen.

It has been an intense trip. Paris can be intense, and with a baby even more so. We were planning on staying in today as we have a very long day tomorrow but we decided to get out and see more of Paris.

For some odd reason, Rue de Gambon was stuck in my head. Since I saw this poster it imprinted in my brain and while being in Paris I thought every single day of how I should go there.

When I was little I was asked the same ol’ question about what I wanted to be when I grew up. I would answer (totally unware of the difficulty of A. becoming one and B. Surviving as one): I want to be a fashion designer.

Whilst growing up raised by a single dad, I would go to my aunt’s place of work after school until my father picked me up. I remember the sounds of the sewing machines, the rests of fabric dropping on the floor. The urgency of finishing something they were working on.

Back then there was no internet. I couldn’t even afford fancy magazines. So I haven’t got the slightest idea of how I came to learn about Coco Chanel. Maybe my aunt showed me her work or maybe I saw her on the tv. However it was, Coco became my idol. I wanted to do what she did and to be like her.

At Rue de Camdon, I stood in front of the reception area door. I smiled at the doorman who hid inside from the cold. I looked further in and explained my husband that Gabrielle used to sit on those stairs while she presented her seasonal collections. I probably stood right beside her (thinking another dimension/ time bending kind of thing 😜) and we were pointing at the same thing.

Finally. Paris was magical. I felt like I hadn’t felt in years and I’m so much looking forward to the following months. It felt like a new beginning standing there looking into Chanel’s building alongside my two favorite humans.

Have a wonderful day.

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