Beauty favorites #1

These are my 2018 favorites that I most certainly will continue to use in the new year.

The make up items might be pricey but they are good. I mean, I’ve had my share of disappointments when it comes to makeup products, cheap or expensive. But I think I finally began to tell the difference.

This trip has been a bit on the stressful side, as eating healthy the same way as in Copenhagen is a bit difficult as I am always tempted by baguettes and pains au chocolat. I’ve been drinking water but not as much as I’d wanted, so the poor diet with little H2O intake my skin has been ‘complaining’.

Since I’ve been here I noticed my face skin is very dry, specially under the eyes. I forgot as a moron my Omoi facial oil and cream and I’ve been using the Nivea SPF 15 anti-wrinkles. If I only knew.

Good products that actually work exist. It is not a mith, boys and girls. Sometimes they’re cheap and other times crazy expensive. Damn you La Mer!

When I was in my early stages as a new mom, no foundation and no concealer seemed to work in my zombied face by the many awake hours through the night.

I hate wasting money on overpriced beauty or makeup products and investing in a Marc Jacobs foundation was a hard move for me.

I saw many many youtube tutorials whilst breastfeeding and many times I saw beauty gurus using the foundation. I was influenced into buying it!

Best thing I ever made. The marc jacobs shameless 24 hour proof foundation has lasted since april 18. April!! The coverage is medium and perfect for skins like mine. A maturing one.

Anyway, I’ve been using the foundation very carefully as it is on the pricey side but it has been my best friend throughout these months. #momlife

I am running out and had to go buy a new one. I went to 3 stores, one of them Sephora, which sells Marc Jacobs, and they didn’t have the brand. Uhm weird.

Then ended up buying the Clinique one. One shade lighter than my skin. Thank you sephora assistant. You did not help whatsoever.

I appliedthe clinique foundation in the morning and I was pissed. A water based foundation on dry skin does nothing, except show all the imperfections and all the fine lines (coff, coff, wrinkles).

Yesterday I finally found the MJ one. However I am the shade 270 and bought the 370. #FML

I am mixing both the light one from Clinique and the MJ and there is already a huge difference. The foundation is amazing. And I had to share it with you guys as I am super loyal to the things that are good to me.

Other products that I could rave about for hours is By Terry concealer, apparently I am influenced quite a lot, i.e. talking about Lydia Millen who amazing beauty aside I would trust my life blindfolded (talking about blindfolded- have you seen the birdbox film on netflix?? Heavens I won’t dare!)

The OGX haircare is free from sulfates (sodium sulfate, the thing that dries out our hair) and I have used it for 3 years now. I changed to Bjørn Axen for a few months and came back to OGX, as my hair has been having the tendency to be very oily on the roots. With the OGX, my hair is amazing. Looks washed when I wash it and the smell is amazing.

The Too Faced better than sex mascara is literally better than sex. If I am having the shittiest of days, I fill in my brows, curl my eyelashes and whip some mascara on them. And I feel sexy AF. Better than sex? Check!

Have a wonderful day.

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