Hello Paris

Paris is exhausting.

And I could finish the post like that. However it also has some good things.

We were, I was in particular, looking extremelly forward to this trip. After I had an amazing time in Lisbon in september, I thought that Paris would be even more magical. It is not. It’s daunting.

We have visited almost all the hot spots. Sacre Coeur, Montmatre, Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Tulleries Garden, Les Halles, Galerie Lafayette, Opera. Uff, we’ve been around. When you arrive at a turist atraction, namely Lafayette for example, you need, and this is a friend advise, you need to be ready for cultural shocks. There are people from around the world in a not so big I must say surprised – shopping space with the hottest brands on the planet. Result is that often times, people forget the differences between people, me included.

Having lived in Copenhagen now for 3/4 years and in Scandinavia for 12, I thought Scandinavia sometimes can be a bit cold and unwelcoming, but hell Paris has nothing on them!

Paris is popular for its arrogance and looking you head to toes kind of attitude, sometimes with a shocking look on their faces. Haha I thought and defended our fellow parisians that they’re alright, in comparisson they must not be that arrogant. They are! Some people you just want to take your white glove and slap them!

Today was a winner day. And by winner I mean that I jackpotted a whole lot of different types of people. How colorful!

So having a baby on a stroller in Paris in a crowded area is a joke. Taking your baby in a stroller to Galerie Lafayette is another joke. Seriously don’t do it! People cannot phantom of being polite enough to let me in the MF elevator because I have no choice! They do! They have escalators and stairs! Pick one!

Another fun fact from the parisians. They do not ask you anything. Nothing. I have been having breakfast for 3 days now, struggling to keep my little one strapped to his stroller and feed him his breakfast. Today as I was leaving, a waiter asked if I wanted a baby chair. I asked him surprised: ‘Oh you have those?’ to what he answered: ‘yes of course’ to what I replied: “Keep it, but I might be using it tomorrow as I am leaving now, but thank you for offering’.

If you never been in Paris you will be disappointed. I am not joking. They say oh Paris, the city of lights, the city of love. When you have dinner or lunch, a coffee or a cake you fall out of love imediatelly. Overpriced meals, diy grand coffees for 7 euros, pastry for 9. Men, I could go on and on.

I love Paris, don’t take me wrong, love it to bits! It’s a uber trendy city with all the right things. But the fact that is so sought after makes it loose its charm and magic.

You might say it’s because you have a baby. Not really, Mikkel is really easy to deal with. He loves sleeping outside so he has been sleeping most of this trip haha, and we tend to go home around 3/4 pm so that he can stretch, play and watch cartoons, before his meal and night time routine. He is such a good baby.

Anyway, I’m not saying this trip was a waste of time but I was really expecting an experience like Lisbon. Finding charming corners in the busy city, eating delicious food, thanking people for their kindness and helpfulness.

I did meet some very considerate people at the entrance of the Fondation Louis Vuitton today. They treated me with huge consideration and were understanding. Long story short, I had bought 2 tickets after being helped out (by amazing people) through a messy security line to be have my bags checked, and was told that I could wait inside for my husband who was on the way to meet me. I was a bit stressed with the commotion at the entrance to habe to leave again, but the girl said that she would go outside and give the entrance ticket to my husband. And she did. And she was very sweet to help.

So, all in all not all of them are arrogant ass%^*+. There are also very nice people in Paris. Just be prepared for all kinds of people, because you will meet them. FIY, they are not parisian or french.

Oh and if you have a baby rent through airbnb. It’s easier for meal times.

Paris é cansativo.

Poderia acabar este post desta forma, derrotada. Mas também há coisas boas.

Eu estava super entusiasmada por fazer esta viagem. Depois de uma experiência fantástica em Lisboa, esperava que Paris fosse ainda melhor. Que fosse mágica.

Não é. Paris comeu-me viva e cuspiu-me.

Nós já visitamos todos os clichês da cidade. E sentimos o poder do turismo. E senti as diferenças culturais. Bastante mesmo.

Na Galeries Lafayette, por exemplo senti imenso que todos vimos de diferentes partes do mundo. Ouvi francês, inglês, russo, ‘asiático’, dinamarquês. E em todos estes países existem formas e costumes diferentes, mas parece que as pessoas esquecem-se disso, ou então eu vivo mesmo no país das pessoas mais corretas socialmente no mundo.

Depois de ter vivido 3/4 anos em Copenhaga e 12 anos na Escandinavia, tinha chegado à conclusão de que os Escandinavos não era o povo mais simpático e convidativo. O que fui eu dizer. Santo Deus!

Paris é popular pela sua arrogância e pela atitude ‘olho-te de cima abaixo, porque quero, tens algum problema?’. Eu defendi os nossos conterrâneos com unhas e dentes e sempre comentei que até era charming.

Tive a experiência de que umas pessoas são fantásticas e outras só queres é tirar a luva branca e dar-lhes na cara.

Hoje foi um dia onde tive o jackpot. Tanta diversidade de personalidades. Quanta cor.

Viajar para Paris com um bebe no carrinho e leva-lo a passear no centro a abarrotar de gente é uma anedota. Leva-lo a conhecer marcas de estilistas que a mãe tanto gosta e admira nas Galerias Lafayette é outra piada autêntica. Tentar apanhar o elevador é o fim da macacada.

Existem escadas. Existem escadas rolantes. Não. Eles preferem o elevator. Poupam calorias com certeza. E a mãe que se lixe. Hoje tive 15, QUINZE minutos a tentar apanhar o elevador (os, existem 2 mas o outro não se mexia). Até que irritei-me e enfiei lá para dentro a resmungar tipo velhinha que perdeu os dentes. Depois descobri que não havia nada de novo e saí de lá a esfumaçar.

Enfim se eu vos contasse tudo. Não saíamos daqui hoje.

Mas como ainda continuo a amar esta cidade, mesmo que me coma o dinheiro todo e não dá troco, vou-lhe dar o desconto, e voltar um dia mais tarde. Talvez me surpreenda.

Há pessoas de todo o tipo em qualquer parte do mundo mas se pudesse escolher a cidade onde viver não seria Paris.

1. Lisboa

2. Copenhaga

3. Lisboa….. 😁

Tenham um ótimo dia.

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