The best of 2018

2018 was a crazy year to say the least. With all its ups and downs. Its sad and happy days. The pain tears vs. tears of joy. All of it, I would redo it all again.

Not the pregnancy though. Damn I had a tough pregnancy! The pain I felt the last 3 months was something I would not even wish my worst enemy.

I do hate the whole 2018 throwbacks and the “hey, look what happened to me this year and how much I’ve achieved!” kind of posts but hey I am a living walking cliché so here you have.

How much have I achieved? Professionally? Absolutely nothing. However I do have 1045 different business ideas and I just need one.

Haha Anyway having had a baby and being present 24/7 was my achievement. I did try to blog and instagram here and there, oh and youtubed but I felt like I was sacrificing that precious time that I will never get back with my baby.

So I fuc@&) stopped. Took a reality check and continued being a mom. And an awesome one, even in the hardest times you can imagine, I held my shit. Ok, I did loose it once. But I went into the bathroom and yelled into a thick pillow. Luckily today I handle some situations with less stress and more calmly. I think. Being a mom is like having multipolar condition. Not bi. Multi.

So what have you achieved? And this is not a retorical question. I’d love to know what you learned last year, you might inspire me as 2019 is going to be a whole brand new year for me. 😊

By the way, my coat is the bomb! I could go on and on about how I love statement pieces, but I like to keep it short and thick. S.deer has the sickest coats. Not to mention the style. I didn’t know this brand until I stumbled upon it during our many strolls in Paris. And when I saw the coat from the street I said, I need to try that coat! Hold the baby!!

I felt the fabric, looked at the finishings and of course took a peek at the price and let me tell you, I had a fashiorgasm right there. I saw 289 euros, and converting to euros was around 2000 something kroner, and it’s around my ballpark of the maximum I would spend on a coat. If it was 300 or more euros I would’ve put it back. But it wasn’t and they had discounts going so I paid 230 euros for this amazing coat. Heavy and well sewn. Just the right purchase. 😱

Thank you for coming by.

Happy New year.


S.deer concept coat

Nike techno sneakers

Black pants (similar cut)

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