Summerhouse: Our minimal Kitchen

At this stage my kitchen was midway finished. We had just received the tabletop and we ended up choosing Silestone instead of marble, due the silestone’s level of resistance.

We visited a wide array of kitchen companies, including Svane Kitchens. I loved what they offered but I was looking for something a bit lower profile and we wanted to buy the appliances ourselves so from that perspective we decided to design it ourselves in the house plan and find the solution at Ikea.

We chose a very simple front cabinet and we opted for white appliances. You can never go wrong with a minimalistic styled kitchen. In my honest opinion and of course my own personal taste, I prefer the home low key where the furniture stands out for a specific reason and the styling on it actually creates an atmosphere. And also I do prefer furniture that is intemporal and not in “trend”. Its a expensive project so no way we can change it in 10 years time, if you know what I mean.

I love having empty countertops. My OCD kicks in if the countertop is full of appliances or decor that makes no sense at all. And one thing that I definitely wanted to get rid of was the water boiler. Every household, specially in Scandinavia has one but I wanted to take it off the equation, so we mounted a “cooker” onto the sink where I can with just the press of a button have boiling water in seconds. It has taken me a while to get used to it and I’ve burnt myself a lot but we are finally now best friends.

So far, things have changed a bit. The kitchen sides are finally finished and that hole gap is gone now, but I am still looking for a final solution for shelves on the wall. Have not found something I love so far, so for now its just a beautiful naked gray wall. 

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