Natural beauty products

The more I try natural, hand manufactured hair and beauty products the more hooked I get.

Munkholm is a danish company located in West Sealand in Holbæk whom has produced a sustainable line of handmade soaps, bath and body products. It all started very small, with a small production but now they are an international business. And I can understand why.

To relax my mind a bit today I went to the center in Holbæk to look for a few flower pots for my to-be little balcony garden. I parked in the main shopping street and ended up going in one of my favorite shops in Holbæk, Liljehøj. There they sell everything from chocolates, caramels, to a bit of interior decoration pieces and a tiny selection of bath and body products.

To be completely honest, I was actually looking for Meraki products for the bathrooms, but only found a pack with makeup wipes. In the same display there was some funny looking soaps that caught my attention immediately. They reminded me of those soaps they used back in the old days to wash clothes in a communal little village “washer” place. All the ladies there used to wash their clothes with a natural soap that smelled heavenly and these Munkholm soaps with the funniest combinations (Coffee with Vanilla, CitrusFirling (4 mixed types of citrus), Forest Dew, etc.)  you have ever seen reminded me so much of my childhood.

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