10 days in the Maldives

So, the colors in my life have gone from a shade of boring grey to a fabulous light blue, and what a change.

I’m currently in the Maldives, more specifically in the Resort Lux South Ari (south in the Maldives island group) and let me tell you, boy am I being treated like a queen. Starting from the most amazing breakfast (gluten free) to a too relaxing massage to swimming with turtles, life has shown me that there is no place on Earth quite like this one.

I have heard and read wonders about this place. How clear the water is, how thin and white the sand is, but nobody told how hot the sun actually is. Yesterday I decided to go snorkle with the fish for about an hour or so and as I was mostly under water I didn’t worried about sun block. Wow, was I crazy red a couple of hours later. It was fun for sure, but it was bliss ignorance towards the strenght of the sun.

Feeling the wrath of the sun in my too scandinavian turned skin I ran to the local store in the island. The girl there told me great wonders about all the products she had, but it caught my attention the Nature’s Solari SPF 50. I was going snorkling the following day (which was today) and needed the best protection under the water even with a t-shirt on. I felt the thickness of the cream and made a bet on that one. I had never had heard of this brand but it worked as a charm. Even after 2 hours in the water swimming with turtles and the most beautiful fish I had ever seen in my life the cream was still active. I hate the look it gives as it is really thick, but hey I rather look like that than to be a “red lobster”.

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