I have a huge to-do list concerning the renovation of our summerhouse and a whole new concept for the decoration of it its on my mind a lot. So, I’ve been checking out stores, online stores and seeking inspiration from a numerous amount of amazing interior designers, bloggers and of course the designers themselves. Its a really fun stage, once we´re done cleaning the remaining dust from the drywalls and finalizing the painting job and finally making it a home, isn´t?

As I mentioned above, my antenna has been up for amazing furniture pieces (checking By Lassen one too many times 🙂 ), functional and decorative pieces from designers and brands that inspire me. One of them that I am still very much vibrating for is the collaboration between COS Stores and the Danish design brand HAY.

They have brought us many amazing pieces and now they are tempting me to take home different pieces in my current favorite shades, white and light grey. I know that I am publishing this post, Im closing the laptop and I am running out the Starbucks door and head to COS in Strøget. See you there?

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