My dream apartment

Well if I could afford it here is where  I would move to. I love modern buildings, newly built apartments but I also love when an apartment is “high to the ceiling”.This means by having 2,8 to 3 meters to the ceiling. I love high windows as the weather in Denmark sometimes can be a bit dark, so lots of windows and big ones too are a must for me.

The floor too is adorable. Almost all floors in Copenhagen are made in wood, sometimes in parquet when is newly built but the old wood from the block is always what there is. Yes its hard to maintain and god forbid you ruin it as it has seen many tales, but it is charming and it carries history.

I hope you loved the Liebehaven that I´ve found in Copenhagen. If you know anyone in this area selling their apartment, villa or similar well do say something ya?

Have a wonderful sunny day.

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