Metal Frame Doors

Here is something that you might not think until you actually get to know that they exist. Metal framed with glass doors. I fell utterly in love with them last year when I first stumbled upon them on Pinterest. My hubby and I are doing a big refurbishing and adding a bit more space to our summer house and my number 1 request was a steel frame black sliding door. 
The greatest two advantages of these type of doors is how much light they give and how beautifully they separate each partition. I could live in one of these houses full with these doors and windows. And I would go around all naked no issues, all proud! 
Unfortunately my request did not come through as they had to go with a “normal” sliding door. (My heart broke in a million pieces). The reason to that is that maybe they are not selling those Crittall doors here in Denmark? 
Well you are in luck if you live in the United Kingdom as they are really good suppliers to choose from. I took the liberty to choose the best ones for you if you are now thinking how good they were going to look in your home. If you do choose one, please do send me a photo? I would love to see how it will look! 

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