How to live a minimal life

I hope that minimalism sticks around. One or many may have thought that living minimal could only resume itself as living with the minimum as possible, but it is much more than that. The consequences of minimal living have many advantages. It can not only can aid diminish the pollution and over consumerism in the world, but it can also help our wallets.

Imagine if we all lived in a minimal standard-living world. I know, this is no fairy tale. I am very realistic don’t you worry, but the clutter that we take in physical things generally result in debt, emotional issues, depression, etc. What if could do something to change that?
I did not use to think like this at all. I think that the entering to the big 3-0 was the biggest culprit. That and moving from Sweden to Denmark. Having to clean up after 7 years living in Sweden made me sick to my stomach. I was unhappy for quite a period of time and I could not figure out why. 
During the moving (all by my lonesome, as hubby was busy as hell) I nearly went insane. We had kept so many stuff over the years that I absolutely saw no use to it to where we were moving to. And paying for storage in Copenhagen? Ridiculous idea! 
I literally went on a mad-giving-away nearly everything we owned. Nearly-new furniture included. The minute that I was finished I cringed and nearly cried and promised myself that that should never happen again. 
I don’t live on a mattress on the floor, nor do I preach that I live completely to the brim of minimal living like I have seen. But I feel like the journey of only having that what matters the most to us in our lives is a beautiful description of minimalism. That and being organized. Heaven on Earth!
So in this article I am going to start by naming a few of the common problems that I did and we encounter in life, how to tackle and what to do to change our ways. 
I see that there are 3 major problems that we normally face: 
1. “I do not have enough money / I am in debt”
Guess what the solution here is? Spend less. Think 2, 3, 4 times before you buy anything you don’t consider crucial as a basic need. Think ahead, but really ahead. Not just next year ahead or in 5 years ahead. I mean inherentance style ahead thinking! Consider the quality of the product or think of it as an investment. Can your kids or future children do something useful with it? No? Then leave it.
Do not spend money you don’t have. Credit cards are horrible and they are not our best friends. It is fake money that you have not earned for it and guess what that credit card is going to be a humongues problem if you run into an obstacle. Like loosing your job for example. 

2. “I spend hours cleaning”

The less stuff you own, the less you need to clean, I assure you. 
I have not bought a cabinet for our apartment in Copenhagen and I garantie you that there is space on the wall for one. But I know that if I buy one, I will “need” to buy stuff to put on top of it and then I will have to fill it with stuff because why should it be empty? So, only buy furniture you really need. Its okay to have empty spaces (walls). 

3. “I have nothing to wear”
This is mainly a girls issue, but it also applies to men. The fact that we never have nothing to wear is in fact false. First point out the problem, Maybe you are buying the wrong clothing for you? Or maybe, the quality of it is very poor and you don’t really feel like it fits you nicely anymore. 
I see 2 solutions here. One is that we need to think ahead. And never but never buy clothing according to current trends. If you want to be in trend you will go bankrupt as the trends change every 2 to 3 months. 

Instead, shop smart. Shop according to your style and invest in quality. 

If you want to know more about this stress free lifestyle, well stick around. I post 3 times a day, not only about minimal living but also about interior design, organization and architecture. If you also want to “meet” me outside the blog, I am on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat (@dinaleandro).

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