Seven years ago we sold our plot where we were supposed to build the “dream house” what turned out to be a giant nightmare. Sweden traditional aesthetic rules are strict, so the architecture envolving the house to build were nearly impossible to come to life. So we got rid of it. We went on to look for an apartment in the center of Malmö and stumbled upon this beauty. The monthly expenses were not that high and the amenities were beyond amazing. With time we re-built the walking closet and added 2 more wardrobes in the bedroom. The house had a minimalistic style with a slight hint of colour. Nothing was out of place and we were pretty happy there. 
But as my boyfriend / fiancée is Danish, I learned Danish in school and having dreamed every night with living in one of my favourite cities made it hard to live there. Seven years later we found a great place for our office, and the opportunity of a lifetime to set roots in one of the cutest neighbourhoods in Copenhagen. We grabbed it and didn’t look back. But we had to sell the apartment. And I have the biggest problem in “giving away” things that I am absolutely in love with. 
This one time, I put a few items for sale in Tictail, one of them being the coolest pair of Alexander Wang boots ever seen. I got an offer for it, all the way from Asia, but I simply had to turn the offer down. The same was happening with the apartment. Unfortunately reality hits and the monthly expenses for something that we were not using was absurd so we had to put it for sale. The apartment was put at the real estate on a friday and we already had an offer the next tuesday. 
We were in the middle of the condominium anual meeting where we own the building in the backyard and my BF receives a phone call. It was the real estate agent with an offer. The bidder was offering 2.1M SEK, where the beginning price was 2.25M SEK. We of course turned it down and a bit disappointed with the bidder’s honest point of view. 5 minutes later the agent calls again with an offer of 2.3M SEK. The extra was to make sure that we would cancel the Open House event in the following weekend. We of course took it without even blinking. So, that was it. I am not sad, but grateful for having lived in a great piece of real estate. Maybe one day we will be lucky again to find such a place. For now the cute little Copenhagen apartment with a closet where I have to be extremelly smart, will do. So, goodbye my love, I was very happy there. 

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