Where I get my energy from
New haircolor
Day before Fashion Week
One of the outfits for Fashion Week – The weird thing I’m wearing is a pencil skirt from Zara
At my favorite Caffe place – TopBrewer  in Copenhagen
Wood Wood x Walt Disney – Need I say more?  
Also liked this combination, very comfy yet elegant
Bought water from the tap. Tastes really good and its environmentally friendly.  
This morning 
Things a bestie can remember for you 🙂
A SNOW FLAKE you guys!!!! 
Inspiration for the Office at Dashmere.com

Life is busy. Last (last) week was Copenhagen Fashion Week and many street style photos were taken. I am not going to comment on anything weird that happened throughout its course because it is not my place to do it, and this is after all the internet and my blog, so… I met really wonderful people and was able to shoot some cool moments from cooler people. If you are interested in seeing any of my work, just go here. If you notice, I don’t stop a lot of people, I like to run and shoot while running. That makes the “in the moment” truly real, no acts, no forced faces, just themselves 🙂
Since I haven’t come here for a really long time, here is an excerpt of a few of the good moments of my crazy – but in control – life 🙂
Soon, I will add my Street work. Soon Milan!


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