Hello fashionistas from around the world, its Dina speaking here. From the post of yesterday comes a follow up of my dream holidays in Dubai and Mauritius. Both places are simply breathtaking and a destination that everyone at least once in their lives should consider going. 


I was in Mauritius for 13 days with Mr. P and both my friends S. and P. 
We laughed, we ate, we drank, we sunbathed, we cried, we got sunburns and we explored. Among many other things. The sea water was lovely and the flour colored sand tickled my feet. Useless to say that I was literally in heaven. This post is not to make you jealous – far from it – but I just wanted to share with you some moments of my private life that I will never forget. 
The first days there was raining constantly, so we were a bit sad and feared that our dream vacation was going to be an uther disaster . Fortunately, there was a buffet every night where we ate the most delicious food from around the world, desserts included. Later on, the days presented themselves with an amazing hot burning sun and humid nights. The staff were a little bit hard to understand but we always came to an understanding in the end. We rented a car for one day and went to explore the mountains of Mauritius in Moka, the city with the best coffee in the world. 
On Monday the 21/01/13 was the happiest day of my girlfriend’s life. She was proposed during the most romantic dinner by the beach with the biggest rock I have ever laid my eyes on. Needless to say we both cried when we met at the hotel’s bar while sipping her favorite LB champagne. 
I was a bit sad though. Since we live too far from each other I cannot help her with the wedding preparations. You know, going through every magazine and finding the perfect wedding dress, the perfect shoes, hair-do, cake, location, wedding bands… Well about everything really. 
But then I thought. What am I saying? She knows I’m there. With all my heart I mean. And where better to support and help her than here and in my Facebook page? Besides ( i almost forgot ) today I received the most amazing message ever. Two good friends of mine asked me if I could help with the wedding dress and the “godmother’s” dress for her wedding taking place in September. What about that? Of course I will!!! Lush!! 2013 is going to be an ama-siiiiing year!!!! Oh oh and I have another good friend who’s also getting married!! Oh my god, I can’t even wait to get started! 
So you got the warning! Its going to get pretty romantic around here ( giggles ). Needless to say that I need all of your support, likes and most appreciated comments right? Let us all share and take in all the happiness 2013 is about to give us! If you are also a bride-to-be or the friend of a bride this is the place to be and follow. Maybe I can help you, who knows?
Much love Dina







Cannot thank you enough for having shared the most amazing day of your lives! Love you S. and shine bright like a diamond girl! 

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  1. Infelizmente por aqui não há noivas. Queria tanto ver o pessoal todo a casar.:) Mas quero ver muitos bridal posts.:)
    Ah e parabéns aos teus amigos.:)
    Diana do

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    Olá! Nomeei-te para o Liebster Award.
    Vê em

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