Top 3 Fall 2012 Trends

The Golden Child

‘ Designers envisioned a gilded fall, rich with sequins, palettes and glittered sheen ‘
The Era: Shakespeare in Love

‘ From designs that mimicked tapestries to ornate baroque flourishes, the fall runways exuded a renaissance spirit ‘
Room to Grow

‘ Bigger is better with oversized outerwear and roomy trousers ‘
In love with the whole thing! I think we can take a bit of inspiration of each collection and put together amazing outfits for this Fall to come
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  1. Victoria wrote:

    Hello! I just checked out your blog from the comment on mine, and I absolutely folloed! I love how you cover everything a fashionista needs to know! Definitely keep in touch.
    Love, Victoria {Bougeotte}.

    Posted 9.4.12 Reply
  2. Dina L. wrote:

    Hi Victoria, so so glad to see you here! Thank you for your comment, very sweet of you for thinking that about spikes and studs ;)))

    xo Di

    Posted 9.4.12 Reply
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