1. The hair color that I’m really in love with and the new lipstick color I have been using all week.    There is nothing better that a whole make-over and not being afraid to stand out in the crowd.

2. Dansk Fashion Awards took place yesterday evening at the Glyptoteket in Copenhagen and it was hosted by Uffe Buchard, Lene Nystrøm og Kim Grenaa. I’m truly excited to see the pictures of the event ( which will come later today ). Here can one see the real meaning of danish fashion.

3. Anna Dello Russo in colaboration with H&M. Hell yeah, looking forward to see her collection.

4. Neon colors!! Mixing neon with black its in my style list. Haven’t had the chance yet to pull out some neon out of the closet ’cause this week has been a little rainy and cold.

5. Renovating my apartment. Hum I have been thinking a lot about it. And again I want some color instead of the white / black / metal silver minimalistic style that I have going on right now.

P.s: Just got word that a trip it’s in my agenda in 2 weeks. And it will be warm!Delightfull!!!!

LOve D.

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  1. Hello 🙂
    Obrigada mas entretanto já consergui a cuff 🙂
    Mas de qualquer forma obrigada querida ♥

    Posted 5.12.12 Reply
  2. MsLeandro wrote:

    Ah ainda bem!

    De nada 😉 xo xo

    Posted 5.12.12 Reply
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